Transcend 11.11 BETA
Step into your power!
Life is meant to be ABUNDANT!
Step into your power!
Life is meant to be ABUNDANT!
Stop playing it small!
  • Rediscover Desires​- Peel the layers back and identify what you truly want.
  • Release Blocks - Get out of your own way and start living to your full potential.
  • Receive Accountability - Feel supported through this journey!
"I have been coached by many people in many things over my life but NO ONE has ever provided as much value as Niajae Wallace. Niajae thank you so much."

– Mike Bernard, Focused Investing 
What to expect from this transformational program
THis is an overview. Modules are subject to change.
Week 1
Identifying the Discord
So many of us are in autopilot and we don’t even know it. We’re masking voids, pain, and insecurities. This will help you check-in and identify what is causing the emptiness, frustration, and doubt. Once you identify it, you can work on healing that part of you so it's no longer something that stands in your way. 
Week 2
Creating New Habits
Healing is not linear so not everything will work for everyone. We will go over different healing modalities like to see which resonate with you and implement them into your daily routine. This will include different meditation techniques, tapping and more.
I WILL hold you accountable.
Week 3
Desires Deep Dive
What we TRULY want is covered by layers of crap life piled on top of us. What society says we should want, what our parents say we should want, even what our ego wants. When you peel those layers back do you know what your inner being truly wants?
Week 4
5 Stages of Leveling Up
My framework is a roadmap to help you identify where you are and what the roadblock is standing in your way from getting what you truly desire (now that we have clarity around what that is). Is it imposter syndrome? Is it an upper limit issue?
Week 5
Creating your Soul Map
This week will be setting goals from a place of true alignment. 
Call me geeky but this is my favorite module! I LOVEEE mind mapping. I also love vision boards. So, I’ve created a process called Soul Map combining the two. So yummy!
Week 6
Vibrational Alignment
Here is where we will work diligently to raise our vibrations both individually and as a collective to be a vibrational match to everything on that soul map.
The universe wants to give you everything you desire you just have to get out of your own way and ALLOW it!
It requires a shift in mindset, habits, and discipline.

It also requires support and accountability. You don’t have to go at it alone. Feed off of other high vibe individuals to accelerate the process.
Stop playing it small
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Transcend 11.11 BETA