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Group Sound Baths
Here are the upcoming dates:

Thursday, August 19th Sound Bath at Kodawari Yoga Studio  (Click HERE for more info)

Saturday, August 28th Sound Bath at Yura Vine Plant Store (Click HERE for more info)

Bliss Bar Meditation Studio offers Semi-Private Sound Baths Monday-Thursday. Click the link below for the calendar. 

Manifestation Mondays!
Join us for a Semi-Private Manifestation Sound Therapy session. 

This session is designed to remove blocks preventing you from attracting the love, success, health, and happiness you desire. 

We will focus on raising our vibration and balancing the Chakras to tap into Abundance and Alignment. 

Download the FREE Energy Analysis
Our Chakras control all the areas in life. When a certain area in life is challenging, that may be a sign that there is a block or imbalance in that Chakra. When you are able to identify it, and have tools to bring you back to a place of peace, you are able to course correct and get back to a place of peace and alignment. 

Download this FREE survey to identify where you may have a block or imbalance in your Chakras.

Build an online business 
Niajae spent years serving as a sales funnel consultant and online business coach. Now she will only work with business clients that she feels aligned with their mission and message. Strategy is important and so it building a business from a place of integrity and alignment.

If you have interest in business coaching please schedule a 15 min discovery call to see if it's a good fit. 
You CAN have it all! 
The only thing that is standing in your way of everything you desire is the limitations you set in your own mind.

Connect with your purpose

Resisting your purpose causes discord. Embrace and own your gifts and voice in this world. 

Align with your goals

Leave the struggle, hustle, and grind behind. ALIGN with your goals. 

Tap into Abundance

Abundance is all around you, you just have to raise your vibration to tap into it.

Feel supported

Know that you are not alone in this journey! 
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