About Niajae
Niajae is a visionary. She adds art and creativity in her business approach which is one the things that separates her from the rest. 

Starting her first business at 19 alongside a mentor from SCORE, Niajae knew she was in love with business. 

Although that business did not last it taught her valuable lessons for her future endeavors. 

She opened a similar business years later that grew to be an amazing business that had a huge impact in the community. 

After five years of running that business she decided she wanted to work from her laptop having the freedom to travel. She sold her brick and mortar business and moved close to the beach. 
Now she is extremely passionate about helping other entrepreneurs start or scale a business that is in alignment with the lifestyle they desire. 

Her specialty is sales funnels and automation however she helps entrepreneurs build confidence, have the right mindset, create brands that stand out and most of all, take action! 

You can catch one of her motivational Facebook lives or follow her unique life but there is no question she embodies the phrase, ‘Where art meets entrepreneurship. 
Level Up Mastermind 2.0
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Brainstorming • Support • Accountability
Influencer and Entrepreneur
Pop-Up Masterminds
Pop-Up Masterminds is a platform launching soon that allows coaches and business professionals to facilitate their own Mastermind.

Niajae is currently facilitating Level Up Mastermind. 
Sales funnels and Creative Content Creation-

Trained directly from Clickfunnels Niajae can build your business a website, sales funnel, email campaign, and create social media content.
Affirmation Recordings
Niajae creates custom affirmations recordings to help reprogram the mind for positivity and success through her passion project, Happy Hub.
The mission is to spread light in the world and help people maintain a positive mindset. 
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What these business owners had to say...
"I admire Niajae tremendously for the passion and determination she applies to her life. Where many people settle, Niajae connects with her worth and reaches for higher. Her belief that she can accomplish anything and desire to reach for better has allowed her to overcome and accomplish incredible feats. Niajae has always been a source of inspiration throughout my entrepreneurial journey. She was one of the inspirations that helped me take the leap to open my aerial fitness studio which has revolutionized my life. I also know Niajae has a deep intrinsic desire to help women succeed. She believes in the success of others and is committed to helping women rise to their worth. If you’re a woman at a crossroad, or just needing general support, I highly recommend Niajae!"

Anita DeCastro
Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness and Dance
Bloomighton, Indiana
“Knowing Niajae was surprisingly inspirational. I have my own company, based in Venice, Italy. My goal is to take care of my clients, travelers, showing Venice from a not trivial prospective, by alternative experiences. Elegance, tradition and exclusivity are the base of my services. www.offbeatvenice.com I had the occasion to know Niajae and share ideas and points of view on my business. It was a very interesting brainstorming with her. Her experience gives me the right view from an external prospective, the right one, the one I needed. I must say that she is the right person that will help you find and do the right moves. To ask an advice, her calm, smart philosophy and business experience makes you feel comfortable and ready to be more active in your business.”

Giacomo Gervasutti
Off Beat Venice
Venice, Italy
"Niajae is my go-to for career and personal advice. Her diverse background gives her experience on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, to world travel, to how to follow your dreams as an artist, and everything in between. She's an holistic life coach, who never loses sight of the big picture-with an approach that considers not just your career success, but your happiness as a whole. She has been a valuable asset to me as I started a business, giving me knowledge and insight that helped me make my passions generate steady income. If you need a mastermind on your side, Niajae can be the one to push you to the next level."

Tina Tiainen
Adam & Tina's Puppy Love Doggie Daycare
North Liberty, Iowa