Helping people tap into Bliss and Abundance using sound healing and mindfulness

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Bliss Bar Meditation Studio
Bliss Bar Meditation Studio is Tampa Bay's first meditation and Sound Therapy Studio. The studio provides an Energy Analysis, Sound Baths, guided meditations, and other wellness services. 

If you're not local, inquire about the VIP day to travel to sunny Florida and experience the magic and Bliss. 

Sound Therapy Practitioner Certification
Become a certified Trauma Informed Sound Therapy Practitioner™,  learning how to facilitate Sound Baths and private Sound Therapy sessions. 

This certification includes 10 online modules and a 2-day in person workshop to provide hands on experience with bowls on the body. Gain the experience needed to confidently start booking clients right away. 

Sound Therapy Network
Sound Therapy Network is a community, membership, and Code of Ethics for Sound Therapy Practitioners. There is a free Facebook group that provides support and resources and a membership that helps you start, maintain, and grow your Sound Therapy Business. 

The mission of Sound Therapy Network is to support and help those making an impact in the world using sound and vibration. 
Abundance Hack Podcast 
We share tips and healing modalities to help you live an Abundant life!

We interview experts and individuals with inspiring stories to motivate you to go after your goals and dreams and to remind you Abundance is your birthright 

Abundance Hack Podcast is available on all podcast platforms and YouTube. 

Meditate With Niajae
If you are not able to work with Niajae in person, gain access to one of her transformational Sound Therapy recordings, guided meditations, or journal bundles. These recordings are designed to help you gain self-awareness, shine light on any blind spots, release what is no longer serving you, heal, and expand to allow in what you truly desire.

Get out of auto-pilot and connect back to your body and intuition. 

Join Niajae for a luxurious healing experience. 

This transformational healing experience will regulate your nervous system, balance your Chakras, release dense energy, and raise your level of consciousness. 

If you are ready to optimize your energy, feel and show up your best, click the link for more information. 

Explore Upcoming Events
Find out dates, times, and location of any upcoming events Niajae is hosting. 

Events include Sound Baths, workshops, and retreats. 

For information on booking her for an event email her directly at
Tap into Abundance 
Abundance isn't exclusive to money or wealth. Abundance also means joy, peace, alignment, and fulfillment.

Niajae's purpose is to help individuals live a purpose driven life.
Her objective is to help her clients identify the blocks that are standing in their way and release them, so they can live the life they truly desire. 

There is no arrival. It's a continuous effort, deciding each day to be the best version of yourself. Niajae is Your Conscious Accountability Partner. Click the link to find out more information about her signature membership where you have Abundance sent directly to your mobile phone. 
Build an online business 
Niajae spent years serving as a sales funnel consultant and online business coach. Now she will only work with business clients that she feels aligned with their mission and message. Strategy is important and so it building a business from a place of integrity and alignment.

If you have interest in business coaching please schedule a 15 min discovery call to see if it's a good fit. 
You CAN have it all! 
The only thing that is standing in your way of everything you desire is the limitations you set in your own mind.

Connect with your purpose

Resisting your purpose causes discord. Embrace and own your gifts and voice in this world. 

Align with your goals

Leave the struggle, hustle, and grind behind. ALIGN with your goals. 

Tap into Abundance

Abundance is all around you, you just have to raise your vibration to tap into it.

Feel supported

Know that you are not alone in this journey! 
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